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"A Down to Earth Dreamer"

«You are a dreamer» are most hearded words in my life. Sometimes said with admirated eyes, too many times with commiserated eyes, but always authentics. I take as valid a definition of a great friend, who says I am a “Down to earth Dreamer”.

My Dreams

Here, in few  words, I just want to talk about my dreams, these ones from 28 years walk on my legs.

My biggest dream started when I was a child, when was used to wacth Indiana Jones ventures with my brother. Adrenalin and adventurous spirit inspired me to graduate in Archaeology, despite everyone dissuade to do it. Now I know true archaeology is very different from that one of Holliwood, but passion never stopped and I enjoyed my studies.

My motorbike

A great dream often is accompanied from others, and a second one came with time growing kilometer after kilometer: my motorcycle. A Suzuki Bandit 400 that was more than a vehicle, it was an escape way, my freedom way.

My first real travel was made with her, it was 2011 and I turn around Sicily, following all three seas enclose it. Satisfaction and freedom feeling was so strong then by that moment I couldn’t but indulge it.

My Travels

So, next year, in Greece for a solitary trip to discover all ancient places I studied so long. An unforgettable trip, first one where I had to learn to feel myself, first one where I was really alone with myself, first one that teached me what means “get by on my own”.

Following years, during my university life, I travelled as long in Italy as the will to see new landscapes driven me in Dublin.


I was the classic graduate Italian abroad, looking for luck. I’ve really found my luck, job by job I understood that the only place I want to live in is the world.

To travel, discover, looking for, think that every place can be “home”. So, in just one night, recovered me driving 1800 km of Wild Atlantic Way.

I discovered who I am, what I love and how I want to be, and now I project myself through an hard future, looking for different horizons and cultures that I’ll love.