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Cammino di Santiago


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Camino de Santiago

My Camino de Santiago – Travel Diary – 2. From Estrella to Burgos

By on 11 March 2019

After the first stages of our Camino de Santiago characterized by storms, life lessons (I talked about it here) and destroyed feet we say that the mood of our journey begins to improve.

Recapitulating, we had crossed the Pyrenees under a storm, arrived “triumphant” to Roncesvalles and Pamplona. We had…

Claddagh Ring


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Ireland Travel Travel Itinerary

Claddagh Ring – Origins and Curiosities of the traditional Irish ring

By on 14 February 2019

If you find yourself walking through the alleys of Galway you have already crossed it several times with your eyes. You can notice it among the signs…

Cammino di Santiago Diario


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Camino de Santiago

My Camino de Santiago – Travel Diary – 1. Departure

By on 25 January 2019

This is the Travel Diary of two pilgrims who only wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago, without too many pretensions. They thought it was a trek of 700 and more kilometres.

And along the way they have discovered that it is not a simple road marked by…

Day of the Dead Spain panellets


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Barcelona Spain Travel Itinerary

Dia de los Muertos in Spain: Sweets, Chestnuts and Tradition

By on 2 November 2018

Halloween has now conquered the whole world. It is celebrated everywhere, many times without even knowing its origins and its history. Instead, I like to know in depth.

I always ask myself a lot of questions, especially on the traditions that I’m meeting…


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Camino de Santiago Guide Travel Tips

Camino de Santiago: How to get to Saint Jean Pied de Port

By on 3 December 2016

Every year more and more people choose to leave and make the Camino de Santiago, this means that every year arrive folks from all over the world. Starting point for the French way is the little town of Saint Jean Pied de Port, on Pyrenees, just on the border…

camino de santiago


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Camino de Santiago Guide Travel Tips

Camino de Santiago: 10 Things you mustn’t do

By on 11 November 2016

When I decided to do the Camino de Santiago I knew it would not have been a travel like others, I knew it need physical preparation, organization and above all determination. Even though I already have read and listened stories of people who have done it, I read up…

camino santiago wheelchair


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Camino de Santiago Travel

Impossible is Nothing – Camino de Santiago on a wheelchair

By on 30 October 2016

“Impossible is nothing”
So said the slogan of a famous international brand, but I’ve discovered recently the validity of these words. No, I’ve not bought their product but I met Oliver and Juan Luis along my way to Saint James.

I want to inaugurate my blog writing about their story….

alberto branca why not travel blog
Benvenuto su Why not?

Sono Alberto, un creatore di Itinerari, appassionato di Fotografia e Viaggiatore lento.

Why not? è un contenitore di esperienze che si evolve insieme a me. Mi piace costruire il mio viaggio, studiare e trovare la vera essenza dei luoghi e delle persone che incontro lungo la mia strada.

Qui puoi trovare di sicuro Trekking, Cammini lunghi e Consigli di Viaggio.

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