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Archaeology Barcelona Travel Itinerary Trekking

Puig Castellar: Archaeological Trekking at the origins of Barcelona

By on 17 January 2019

Today I want to talk about Archeology, or rather, a nice trekking and photography in Barcelona. Well come on, let’s join all these elements in just one Archaeological and Photographic Trekking in Barcelona.
This city offers many alternatives to the usual tourist tours between Rambla, Sagrada Familia…

Nuovo tempio megalitico Irlanda Stonehenge


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Archaeology Travel Itinerary

Prehistoric Ireland: Name Wanted for a new megalithic temple

By on 26 July 2018

Discovered a new circular megalithic temple in Ireland. A new Stonehenge founded thanks to the extraordinary drought, close to the UNESCO site of Newgrange.
Everybody know Ireland is called Emerald Island. The whole island is covered with a huge and never-ending expanse of green lawn. But…

What to see in Milan


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Archaeology Travel Itinerary

Milan – Why not?: Medieval itinerary between Skyscrapers

By on 11 September 2017

You know … Milan is the fashion city, the Business Square of Italy, and so on. But it is also the city of Leonardo da Vinci, of the Sforza and has a history of all respect!

You could not be in Milan and not go to see Sforza Castle, where…

Irish walk


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Archaeology Travel Itinerary

The Irish Walk: the first guided pilgrimage

By on 5 August 2017

I know, for a long time I did not write. These months have been a bit demanding. In the meantime, I changed two cities, changed my “profession” and arrived in Milan… I’m now working to become a real Travel Designer. I have the title, I miss the job, which…



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Archaeology Travel Itinerary

“Why not?” in Rome – Celio’s Roman Houses

By on 30 January 2017

A few nights ago the phone rings, it was my cousin Alessia. As always, as soon as I set foot in Rome she called me full of enthusiasm and we looked forward to meet us. This time she was the co-star of the first roman “Why not?”, she and…



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Archaeology Travel Itinerary

Newgrange and the winter solstice: The magic of Ireland

By on 21 December 2016

Ireland that everyone knows is made of green fields, music, and of course beer. The pub, indeed, the Irish pub is the real institution of this land exported all over the world. But it is also a land of traditions, certainly of Celtic nature, but also a land of…

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Benvenuto su Why not?

Sono Alberto, un creatore di Itinerari, appassionato di Fotografia e Viaggiatore lento.

Why not? è un contenitore di esperienze che si evolve insieme a me. Mi piace costruire il mio viaggio, studiare e trovare la vera essenza dei luoghi e delle persone che incontro lungo la mia strada.

Qui puoi trovare di sicuro Trekking, Cammini lunghi e Consigli di Viaggio.

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