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Ireland RoadTrip 2016

Cliffs of Moher & Burren

Ireland Roadtrip - Cliffs of Moher

Every travel must be planned, despite the best part is always what happen by chance. You meet a fellow, talk with a girl, and everything change, just a short meeting and you will change your plans, because you want to see with your eyes what they said to you. Second part of my trip was changed by chance. I was heading Cliffs of Moher, unmissable leg, and I had to do two deviations on my road.

After my first, and the only one, night spent trying to sleep in the car, Dingle Peninsula welcomed me at the sunrise. Road run along the coast until Castlegregory, little sleepy village when I reached for my first time West coast, when I’ve seen for my first time Atlantic Ocean. From here continue climbing a colourful valley despite is not yet spring. This was the narrowest street I’ve never drive, and steeply sloping. If you think that an Italian (like me) have to drive conversely, you can feel my sensation and my satisfaction when I arrived on the top.

Another night spent in Limerick, hosted in Couchsurfing by a spanish guy. Being hosted sometimes can be embarrassing, not with CS, not with Pablo. An Italian at home and he offered me his kitchen. A bit of pasta, a bit of sauce, just the cooking time and it’s ready. He thanked me like if I did a restaurant course, for me was a simple pasta with sauce. What I was learning was more than just cooking, was the pleasure to hosting, to share, to meet people coming from all over the world.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Then, going to mythical Cliffs of Moher. A must to see for travellers in Ireland. Along road from south, coming from Ennis city, seems you never would arrive. Drive on tight country streets that carried me on the coast where are many villages, all made by little white houses. And all around I saw green fields as far as the eye can see, so got why it’s called emerald island. Climbing the crest of the hill, also this intense green, I was asking if I was arriving destination. Don’t see nothing around that can seem a cliff. Nevertheless, arrived in the parking, leaved car, got in visitor centre built inside the hill to reduce environmental impact. After the interesting visit, went out such as to go out from a cave and wind and light slapped me. In that moment the magic happens, when you see Cliffs of Moher, majestic, in front of you. Realize, in that moment, how high they are, how steep they are, how spectacular they are.

Cliffs of Moher

There is just a thing I didn’t understand. All people, who’ve been there before me, keep telling me how narrow roads are in this area then a car doesn’t pass. Keep explaining me how much they were scared when they saw a bus coming in front of them. At once there, I realized that yes… roads are narrow, a car and half can pass, in average. But this is a common story in my homeland, Sicily, so thinking to panic of my predecessors made me laugh a little bit.

But more than already famous Cliffs of Moher, I want to tell about an area of Ireland discovered thanks to my friend Pablo. According to him, as an archaeologist I couldn’t go to Cliffs, without going to Burren country. An upland extends further east, on road to Galway. Here are remains of one of most famous irish Dolmen. I’ve never have seen one, then I couldn’t say no. Rather, obviously the answer was umpteenth: “Why not?”.

Cliffs of Moher

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Here I got lost. Following directions I’ve found on web, I arrived at one of Burren National Park entrance. Looking around it didn’t seem scenery described by the spanish. My lucky, as always in my life, helped me. A woman proudly irish was walking there, in the middle of the country, where maybe doesn’t run either GPS signal. She was native of this land, I don’t remember her name, but she talked sweet and happy to describe me fields where she had grown. Lands she knew so much because since she was young was used to climb whole limestone mountain in front of us (here on picture). Promised me to come in Sicily to visit me, to try our food to learn for her family, and I’ve took road again.

This one was the best street I’ve travelled, perhaps because I didn’t know where I was going to, perhaps because I was in the middle of a luxuriant nature. Despite it’s a rocky upland, vegetation appear every cleft, and paint everything with winter tones. Then, after many curves, an abandoned castle, a road block, here I saw in distance the Dolmen. There, had a look around, to find an explanation to this particular location of the tomb. An endless rocky expanse, made be limestone excavated by millenary action of water and shrubbery.

Burren – Dolmen

Then, again down the road, this time heading Galway…

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