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Ireland RoadTrip 2016

Galway & Connemara National Park

Ireland Roadtrip - Galway

It was love at first sight with Galway city. Everyone were used to tell me that I would have fallen in love with it, and so it was. May its narrows streets, still medieval urban plan, music I’ve listened at here, I don’t know. Perhaps what characterize this Ireland city is a mix of all these elements.

This music, almost hypnotic that force you to stand at the table of a pub, to listen at, this is the emotion you can feel in a real irish pub. Many people can think it’s just touristic promotion, maybe it is, but surely music is a fundamental part of this land, of this folk so proud of its traditions.



Galway is the typical town that seems made properly for tourists. Small city center still preserve medieval constructions, as it can be the echo of strategic importance of this port over history. I stopped a couple of nights here because I wanted to enjoy it fully and calmly. Then, as always, happens you meet people in hostel. Go in the night with them to grab a pint of Guinness. After wander through narrow alleys, full of people like you looking for the best pub, suddenly hear the right music coming from a pub, already crowd.

The rule say where is people, often there is quality. I add that you have to also feel your sensations, your instinct. Because not always people go where is the best, or perhaps you are not looking for what crowd wants. Get in the pub and already I’m hypnotized by persistent and stinging music, grab the first pint and the work is done. I’m forced to order other beers until band doesn’t’ play the last, the one here on video, the best.

Then, recognize I’ve lost track of time and it’s late, tomorrow I have to leave again. Last beer and come back to hostel. Meantime, even if I couldn’t taste Guinnes’s rival, I spent a night full of laughs, cheers and high quality music.

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Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park

The morning after, despite the effort, early wake up and departure to another national park: the Connemara National Park. Another gem in Ireland, a gem that is not limited to the park. The road from Galway leads to the park, passing by Letterfrack (small village chosen by Italian G. Marconi as the receiving seat of his telegraphic signal from America), is a sequence of breathtaking landscapes.

Leaving behind city area, reach a zone very different from green fields seen until now. Color tones around me have became autumnal, colours of woods. Forests that once covered all this are, all Connemara, were cut by human action. But nature win always, and despite this overexploitation it had found a new balance, had developed a new ecosystem based on turf.

From park entrance starts the pathway that leads on the top of Diamond Hill with different difficulty levels. I’ve experienced the excitement of climb almost on the top accompanied by the fog. It seemed wanted to open my road, until the end of second level. As if it was jealous of the top, the fog keept to cover the summit so I had to start the downhill, with the usual breathtaking view. Going down, despite my padded jacket, scarf and hat, despite I was walking an hour already, I was cold. When suddenly see in the distance a guy wearing shorts. Look again with eyes wide, astonished, impossible it can be true. Nevertheless, when I was few meters from him I understood. An irish, red hair, red beard, wearing just shorts and a cardigan walking quiet as he was walking by the sea. A quickly exchange of words make him understand how much chilly we are in Sicily.

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