Freezing London

By on 3 March 2018

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London is wonderful, doesn’t need any particular description. But London with snow it’s for sure an unforgettable experience. Any city takes a magic atmosphere when it’s covered with snow. Might be the colour, might be the fugacity of that moment or the happiness in the eyes of children who can build their snowman!

This winter I’ve seen two special snowfalls that excited me as a child. Here are my pictures taken despite shivers for the cold.

Hampstead Heath

In my opinion, this is the best park of the city. Non only because it’s just few steps far from my home but for many reasons. First of all is its wild environment, especially in confront to other Londoner parks. The view from the top of the hill you can get here is one of the best and I could have it every day in the sunrise.

londra neve

Camden Town

After my favourite park I wanted to see the snowy Camden Town. With its Market, it’s the gravidational center of the area.

One of the most interesting market of London, where you can find vintage stuff and oddity for any taste. With the snow, early in the morning, I found it desolate.

A soft white coat still cover everything, the elegant and romantic bridge sorrounded by willows, the typical boats but also all kiosks that serve every day food from all part of the world.

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Regent’s Park

londra neve

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