Snow in Sicily: Now I know anything is possible

By on 11 January 2017

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It was a day in early January of the far 1988, my mother pregnant wake up and looks out the window. She’s excited about a unique show. Everyone is screaming for the joy, they run to the windows can’t believing their eyes. There’s something out that causes an unexpected happiness, something they’re not used to. It’s the snow. That suddenly came in their lives! It was snowing in Sicily.

snow sicily

Yes, I know. It’s not absurd, it snows every year on the Etna. That contagious excitement was due to the snow even on the beach.

As it was a dream in which all the town was unconsciously dumped in, but it’s long just the pleasure of a moment. It lasted less than a day, just the time to play making a snowman in front of the home door. To have a snowball fight and try to sled on.

This is all a figment of my imagination because I wasn’t born yet. I would have arrived at the world a few days later. Yet I can see them, happy and excited for the exceptional event. Because recently it happened again.

I had to wait 29 years, a long period in which every damned Christmas I’ve heard stories about the mythical snowfall of 1988. All these years I’ve done nothing but to hope to live a similar experience. Sure! I knew that if I really wanted to see the snow it was enough to climb “supra a Muntagna” (in Sicilian means “on the mountain”).

But how far is better to walk on the snow a few steps from the shore?

On your usual beach, where you have been both summer and winter for 29 years. Where 5 years ago I celebrated my birthday with a nice heroic dive, now 8 January 2017 there’s a white blanket, soft and brilliant. But also, frozen!!

It covers the whole. The street where I had my first crash with my first bicycle at 6 years. The countries all around where we’re used to going for picnics suddenly are all white. White as it wasn’t ever. Once again spreads that strange feeling of happiness. But actually, nobody knows why a climatic event that is normal all over the world can make cheerful both children and adults. It makes leave home everyone, just for the pleasure of being there despite the glacial cold every Sicilian want to escape from. Walking around the town are many snowmen who looks after children have already gone to the unmissable snowball fight.

And I still enjoy myself, while I can, a walk on my snowy beach…

And nothing, I just wanted to share with you the strange emotion of a Sicilian boy who all at once can touch and splash into the snow in front of his home door!

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