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Why I decided to be a responsible traveler

By on 11 January 2019

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Lately (and finally) we talk more and more about responsible travel and it was so that one day I wondered if I was also a responsible or consumer traveler.

On the one hand, it is stated that Traveling must be considered a right, just like work and medical care, on the other, it must be done more and more sustainably.

The advent of low-cost tourism is an opportunity that our grandparents did not even imagine. They saw the world as a dangerous place, far away and exotic places. At most you could think of a trip to Italy, and few could afford to go to visit European cities or even realize the American dream!

Today, however, we can easily book a flight for any place at a fairly affordable price. We can reach the most remote destinations and spend our holidays with carefree. Indeed, it has now become a status symbol the ability to travel all over the world.

What is Responsible Tourism

Today, therefore, the world is accessible to everyone. This is one of the privileges we have won and that we should make the most of it. It is an opportunity to meet, discover and grow through the most diverse cultures of the world. Responsible Travel is just this: to travel responsibly, with the desire to know and get rich with unique experiences through the comparison with the people who host us.

It can be called sustainable tourism or responsible tourism, they are almost synonymous.

The first definition focuses on the concept of sustainability, which can be either environmental, economic or human. I prefer the latter because it starts from the assumption of responsibility on the part of the traveler. Which is not considered as a mere tourist who crosses a certain place but a true protagonist of his journey.

That’s why I love being a responsible traveler!

Responsible Travel

A sustainable journey can be declined in a variety of ways. Many are confusing, so it is better to immediately distinguish between a sustainable journey and a naturalistic journey. It is not true that for sustainable travel one must go in uncontaminated environments and where nature is the absolute protagonist. Let’s say that one does not preclude the other. You can make a sustainable journey into the city and an unsustainable journey by following mass tours in Africa.

A sustainable journey can be made anywhere in the world, its peculiarity is the attention that the traveler places on the human and environmental impact of the journey itself.

Usually responsible tourism does not follow the mass tourism routes, looking for places that have remained authentic and not impoverished by wild tourism. But this is not always the case, many times it is enough to see things with different eyes. You can still go to Barcelona and see what most tourists do not see because they are too rushed on their journey hit and run.

What distinguishes a responsible traveler from a non-responsible one?

You too could already be a responsible traveler without knowing it, you know?

For example, I discovered that I was already a responsible traveler in some ways. Thanks to my sensitivity towards sustainability, ecology, animals and the environment. Yeah, lately (and finally) we talk more and more about responsible tourism and it was so that one day I wondered if I was also a responsible traveler or consumer.

So I began to examine my way of traveling and I can say that for the most part I already was without realizing it. I have always traveled for the pleasure of discovering a place, its traditions and its people. To discover new recipes, try new flavors and enrich yourself with ancient and modern knowledge.

I’ve never been interested in making as many trips as possible just to add flags to my world map. Rather, I preferred the quality of my trip, slowly at times, but always respectful and open to those who were hosting me.

What I decided to change is the economic side. I have always been looking for cheaper flights, hostels and food to minimize the budget. Even though I have always given myself a few local dishes, I have only looked at its price and not at its production.

This meant that I slept in hostels without knowing if it was a local business, I ate unsustainable food. And so I lost many opportunities for discovery and knowledge of places.

That’s why I decided to be a responsible traveler in my present and especially in my future. I want to take you around the world with me. I want to discover every place and culture from inside. And so build unique journeys that you too can face.

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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