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Archaeology Travel Itinerary

Prehistoric Ireland: Name Wanted for a new megalithic temple

By on 26 July 2018

Discovered a new circular megalithic temple in Ireland. A new Stonehenge founded thanks to the extraordinary drought, close to the UNESCO site of Newgrange.
Everybody know…

Archaeology Travel Itinerary

The Irish Walk: the first guided pilgrimage

By on 5 August 2017

I know, for a long time I did not write. These months have been a bit demanding. In the meantime, I changed two cities, changed my “profession” and arrived…

Archaeology Travel Itinerary

Newgrange and the winter solstice: The magic of Ireland

By on 21 December 2016

Ireland that everyone knows is made of green fields, music, and of course beer. The pub, indeed, the Irish pub is the real institution of this land exported all…