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Impossible is Nothing – Camino de Santiago on a wheelchair

By on 30 October 2016

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“Impossible is nothing”

So said the slogan of a famous international brand, but I’ve discovered recently the validity of these words. No, I’ve not bought their product but I met Oliver and Juan Luis along my way to Saint James.

I want to inaugurate my blog writing about their story. Because this is not a self-referential blog, where I want to tell only about me and my trips, but I want to tell about people I meet around the world. Because they always are my best attractions.

We were just arrived in Puente La Reina when I met Oliver and his brother Juan Luis. The first one is another traveller who already took the road of Travel Blogging and this year started a new challenge: walk the almost 800 km of Camino de Santiago with his disabled brother.

To walk the Camino Francès is not simple, it takes strong determination and a bit of spirit of adventure, but it’s absolutely doable for anyone. Each one follows his step, his rhythms, maybe with some pain, but everyone can go. While it’s complicated for disabled people.

Before to meet guys of Camino Sin Limites I’ve not even thought of such a circumstance, as if I excluded it in advance. Meeting Oliver and Juan Luis was like a cold shower. Juan Luis unfortunately can’t walk with his own legs, but thanks to the help of his brother and of the association they founded he could travel the whole Camino and felt all emotions it involves. He was hosted in all albergues, lived the effort, delights and saw landscapes that without the love and the help of his family he never would have seen.

Departed from Roncesvalles they crossed the mountainous Navarra, one of the most difficult region to walk because of many impassable paths for a wheelchair. Many times, we also had difficulties in climbs full of stones or rough roads. In this region Camino runs through breath-taking landscapes, glorious cities as Pamplona, medieval towns like Estella, but a disable pilgrim has hard life. Despite first difficulties Camino Sin Limites went ahead, crossing hilly Rioja and arriving in Castilla. Another hard region with its Mesetas, endless fields of grain which extends out of sight to 360° and suggest to each piligrim’s mind to be in the middle of nothing. At the end, they arrived in the much desired Galicia, a succession of climbs and descents where to start to think “Santiago is coming”. On 22 of October the goal has arrived, the Cathedral of Santiago! Where an explosion of joy infected every pedestrian around.

For details of their adventure I refer to the site and social profile of Oliver, with the wish that many other people as Juan will find the courage and the strength to undertake a similar challenge. In my little, I just want to tell their story, because if you really believe “Everything is Possible”. Now I know it!





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