Dublin Calling: A migrant’s restlessness


Dublin is a strange city, welcomes you with a hug but slaps you with its cold. Anyone who has experienced the migrant status in this city knows that the relationship is established. You love it and you hate it. A contrasting relationship always poised over the comparison with the native land. Despite all you end up falling in love with Dublin, its people, its friendly and informal soul. Really here because everyone has an opportunity to develop both personal and business.

Robert Sanasi

Robert Sanasi, landed in Dublin before me. It’s like so many others that nowadays leave full of hopes and dreams, with a small nest egg in the pocket. And he has trapped in what expertly he called “Dublin Calling“. A feeling that grew spontaneously whenever he thought ended his Irish adventure. As an engaged couple who break but who cannot be separated, in the end he always came back to her. He has even written a book, as a tireless romantic Italian.

Dublin Calling - Robert Sanasi

The story of Jack, the protagonist, begins like so many others. Started from a small village in the southern Italian province it arrives in a European capital without money to settle down. Find a job, set up an house, and perhaps family. Instead he discovers that he can live an adventure worthy of the words sung by his idol, the Boss, because it seems that he’s “Born to Run“.

Ruled by a Kerouac restlessness, as a modern wandering through the streets of Dublin is divided between office life and the night around pubs. And the inevitable encounters with women, which he deeply loves, even if only for one night. His story goes fast, without frills Robert describes well the emotions of an Italian immigrant. From the job satisfactions that were slow to arrive before leaving, to anger or nostalgia which every emigrant has to face.

Dublin Calling is certainly the story of too many Italians who tired of their condition decide to leave family, friends, and every certainty to try to get the best that life can offer.


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