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Unusual Barcelona #1 – Park of the Labyrinth of Horta, a paradise right outside the city

By on 9 October 2018

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What to see in Barcelona

What to see in Barcelona over the Sagrada Familia and the Rambla

Barcelona is one of the most loved and visited European cities. Last reports say about 5,5 milions of visitors last year. But, in these last years has begun a hostility against tourism exactly from Barcelona. Too loud, too many people and particularly too much speculation. It’s true, the mass always gathers around few Wow places that must be on their own Instagram feed.

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But if you just go a bit over the typical touristic circuits you can dive into the real essence of the place.

Here I’ll tell you about a spot barely out of the centre of Barcelona. I’m talking about a noble villa with annexed garden, built in a time when they had fun far away from the Rambla. Saturday night were not spent between the alleys of the Born looking for Tapas or shots. Instead, they were used to escape the chaos of the city preferring a comfortable life among lush gardens and gossip about the palace.

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Park of the Labyrinth of Horta

The park is situated in the North part of the city, at the bottom of the Collserola hills which surround and defend all Barcelona. What was open country till not so long ago now it’s incorporated by the suburbs of the city.

It’s formed by the villa of the Desvalles noble family and by a park divided in two parts: a Neoclassical Garden and a so called Romantic Garden.

The Neoclassical Garden

Everything was born by the creative genius of Joan Antoni Desvalls y d’Ardena (marquis of Lupìa, od Poal and of Alfarras) and the Italian architect Domenico Bagutti. In 1791 they started to build this fantastic garden, beginning just from the labyrinth, the central pivot of all the park.

A place of great appeal with the statue of Eros in the centre of the labyrinth, who perhaps want to represent the love as a goal that sometimes it’s hard to achieve.

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All the complex develops on three terraces, the first one occupied by the labyrinth. If you can get out from it you will find yourself in front of the nymph Echo enclosed in its grotto. Then, you can climb the second terrace with two temples dedicated to Danae and Ariadne, always associated to labyrinths. On the last terrace instead, you can see an artificial lake and a fountain dedicated to the nymph Egeria.

Labirinto di Horta
Visitare Barcellona
Visitare Barcellona

The Romantic Garden

Over the years descendants of the marquis gradually extended the area building the so called “Romantic Garden”. It develops at the west of the labyrinth and following its paths you can lost yourself among rich flower beds and really tall trees.  This is a so different garden in confront of the neoclassical one, here no lines, no prospective and no frons scenae. This is built to be more introspective, the typical garden for a romantic walk.

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Useful Info:

How to get:

Metro L3 – Stop Mundet:

Really convenient because the stop is just one hundred meters from the principal entrance of the park.


Several buses arrive, depends on your location.

Ticket prices:

Total 2,23 €

Reduced 1,42 €


From 1 April to 31 October – 10 AM / 8 PM



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