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12 Irish rules to make your Christmas funnier

By on 13 November 2018

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Busy for Christmas? What are you planning to do?

Have you ever heard of 12 Pubs of Christmas?

A typical Christmas tradition of Ireland based on beer and friends.

12 pubs of christmas

12 Pubs of Christmas

When I was in Dublin I discovered this famous tradition, that is inspired by the typical Irish alcoholic soul. Even if Irish people also love to stay with family for Christmas, they don’t mind to go out at night.

No bingo, no cards, or whatever board games. It needs only a nice company of friends, a whole night, and the desire to have fun.

In short, this is an alcoholic tour of 12 pubs of your choice, a drink for each pub and 12 rules to follow to make the night funnier. Seems easy?

Read well the rules and will see that is not so simple to arrive up to the last pub!

I almost forgot! The inescapable rule is to dress a Christmas Jumper! One of those ridiculous, with reindeers, or Santa Claus, or a snowman, etc.  In short, a jumper you would never wear!

12 Pubs of Christmas Rules

Here are the twelve rules to participate in the 12 Pubs of Christmas.

This is the most complete list you can find on the web. There are different versions, each one over time has adapted and modified. Some speak only of three, four rules. I took inspiration from this list that I thought was nice and full.

As you can see are not put in chronological order, that you do not respect one for each pub. Some must be respected throughout the evening, for while others just have reached that goal overnight. So you should take with you the list and tick as those achieved.

Here we go!

1. Drink with the hand you do not use: simple does not take much to do it. If you write with the right hand, drink in your left, or the reverse. We start with an easy rule to follow but going forward with the challenge you’ll see that maybe there will be some problems.

2. Speak with different dialects: in the original version here asking to speak with different accents of English. If you are a native Inglese, test well! If you’re not, let’s do it with various dialects of your country.

3. Order the drink and remain silent “The Silent Pub“: You can talk just to order your drink, then you and your group of friends will have to remain silent until you have finished drinking.

4. Drink only one drink fed by someone “The Partner”: you can only drink a drink offered by someone.

5. Shoe Swap: Simple, take off a shoe and swap it with someone else all the time you will stay in that pub.

6. No Swearing: Be careful and do not swear anything that could be compromising.

tradizioni natalizie

It’s not over yet!

7. No Pointing anyone: Probably, after a couple of drinks this is a very common practice.

8. Whoever finishes drinking last must carry a random item: in one of the pubs you have chosen, those who end up drinking to last will take something and take it with them to the next pub. Obviously, the rule does not include glasses or bottles of alcohol, theft is a crime!

9. Order a Fancy Pants Cocktail: Another rule that seems easy.

10. Talk in song lyrics/movie quotes: well, I do not think we should explain.

11. Selfies with a stranger: at any time, wherever you are, choose a stranger and take a selfie with him.

12. A pint of water every three pubs: This is more a blessing than a rule to ease up a bit ‘hangover and better resist to the end.

Try it and don’t exaggerate!

As you can see they are guidelines to spend an evening. You can change them, you can re-scale. But remember, the challenge is to reach up to 12 ° pubs! Every pub must be different, go back to a previously visited pubs does not count.

Last recommendation, do not overdo it! It’s just a game, a way to get together and have fun.

Try it and maybe let me know how has gone with a comment or on Facebook!



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