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My Ireland Road Trip: Kilkenny and Cork

By on 8 December 2018

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The chill down my spine lasted until I fell asleep. The next morning, remembering with difficulty the decision made, I wondered if it was the right one. Now I know, that was the only one possible.

A few days of preparation and I was already embarking the blanket and pillow in the car to head south. First stop, the unmissable Kilkenny!

Here is my trip to Ireland!


Kilkenny, sung in songs, named everywhere and by anyone in Ireland. The legendary Kilkenny, home of the best drinks. Yet I made the mistake of going there only in passing, only an hour to realize its beauty.

It was immediately after lunch, the pub tables along the course still empty. Many people had already eaten, and a lot more had yet to arrive for the inevitable post-work drink.


Yes, because in Ireland there is always a reason to drink, as for us to have a coffee or an aperitif at the bar. So I could see an unusual Kilkenny, still quiet before she wore her traditional dress.

What shows with great pride to all travelers and tourists. A fundamental dress for a nation proud of its traditions, a dress that I had the opportunity to see in another city, of which I will tell you.


The following morning, I was already in the south, in the second largest city in Ireland. The one famous for its strong maritime vocation, for the relaxed life that you take there, and for Murphy’s.

I stayed for a few nights in Couchsurfing by a very kind girl just outside the center. Trying to orient myself to reach the fulcrum of the city, I come across the entrance to a park that developed to my right up a green hill.

Entering, I plunged into an oasis made of giant willows and stone houses that reminded those of fairy tales, all surrounded by a river (then he discovered that it is a branch of the river Lee).

Finally, up above, with a castle worthy of any fairytale of magic that overlooks the hill and the whole city.

Ireland road Trip

What you see from up here is the typical Cork, the one told through the postcards, or in the songs. The town is made up of small and colorful houses that climb up the hills around the river.

Just a building on all these small houses that look like those of children’s buildings, almost a miniature city.

Shandon Bell – The Belfry Campanile

What then, if understood in a day of fog, like me, you can only distinguish the bright colors. As I said, only the bell tower of the Shandon Bell, the “Four faced liar” stands out.

With its weather vane fish and the four clocks that seem to mark different times, you always seem to be drunk. What then, being in Ireland, the biggest doubt is if you have not yet blanched the last drunk.

Ireland Cork

Returning to the city … the capital of the South, as its inhabitants proudly call it, is very different from the hectic Dublin. The nerve center develops on a small island formed by the river Lee, all concentrated between the Grand Parade, Saint Patrick Street, and the Oliver Plunkett Street.

English Market

Here is the famous and unmissable English Market, where I could see fresh fish after months of living in Dublin. But not only that, here come delicacies from all over the world.

Like our Parmigiano Regiano (it was really written like this, maybe they do not know how to use double Italian) and Ricotta. Small corners of the house, which for an Italian abroad are very important.



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