Travel with Music

Travel with Music

By on 2 September 2017

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How many times have you come back from a journey and continue listening to the music you were used to hear in the streets of that distant village played by good street performers or in some local pub?

Because, whether you want or not, music is always a source of emotion. And in my opinion, it is one of the best ways to remind you of the emotions, the moments of traveling. And she can remind you also the people you met and the culture of a visited country. I often, when come back home, go away with my mind, thanks to the notes of a song I can return to that place, at that exact moment. It’s like a small remedy for the fateful “return home“.

So why not travel with music?


Each country has its own musical repertoire, with its history and characteristics. Everyone of them speaks indelibly of its people, its merits or defects, its history, and above all its way of being. That is why it is enough to hear some note that it is now possible to link that rhythm, that way of singing, or dancing, to a certain place.

If I say “Samba” everyone knows what country I’m referring to, the same applies if I talk about “cornamus“. Just a few, small items to travel with music. Because one thing is certain, no one can live without music. Everyone, who is in the Russian steppe, in the mythical city of Chicago, or in an African tribe, has always played and danced with music.


This will be a section dedicated to the music of “Why not?”. To the one that accompanies me during the travels. Every week I make a commitment to create playlists that talk about a place.

But I would also like you to contribute!

Share your moments, your playlists, your love for music!


Write comments, send me an email, with whatever medium you like and if you like the idea, share this article with your friends and create a collection of emotions!



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