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Gifts for Travellers: 20 Gift Ideas for Adventure and Photographic Journeys

By on 17 November 2018

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Gifts for travelers

How many times have you received absurd gifts or, let me say it, useless? Or maybe you’re here because you have to give a gift to a friend who travels often. Well, in both cases there are a lot of good gift ideas for travelers. So, I thought you might find useful a list of possible ideas to make a good impression.

Some are fun, original and cute travel objects perfect for a Christmas gift without spending a fortune. Others are useful gifts for travelers, tools that can make the difference during a trip.

So, if you are the traveler, you could share this list, perhaps tagging the person who potentially owes you a gift. All very discreet, I recommend!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or traveler, you just have to choose between these possibilities.

Search through the categories you find below, browse comfortably through the links and return here to the menu with a simple click.

The first section contains essential gifts. Gift ideas, some simple but certainly useful. The second section is dedicated to the most original gifts and are suitable for a nice Christmas present.

The third and fourth sections instead concern certain types of travel. That is an adventurous traveler or a photography enthusiast. Here I collected the most beautiful and original ideas to make a good impression!

Essential gifts for travelers

Let’s start with a selection of essential gifts, the first to think about if you want to give a gift to a traveler. Especially if you want to make a beautiful gift but above all useful. For the most original gifts, instead, go down to the next section.

1.      KOPACK Anti Theft Travel Backpack

This is the backpack suitable for both a trip and for everyday life. During everyday life with its elegant design and practicality of use it is perfect for every need. On the trip, on the other hand, it can be a support rucksack to be used to carry only what is necessary in addition to luggage.

The easy opening at 90 ° and 180 ° allows you to exit the laptop in a few seconds during airport checks.

It also has a hidden pocket behind the back where you can hide your phone, wallet or passport. But the most important quality is certainly its impermeability and its theft-proof fabric. The producers are proud to say that it is a rucksack-proof backpack as it is a scratch-resistant fabric.

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2.      Pocket Luggage Scale

Luggage scale travel

This is a must-have for every traveler. But we always think about it when we are about to close the suitcase, which obviously will exceed the weight allowed by the airline. With a pocket scale you will no longer have to do the acrobatics to weigh the baggage with the weight scale.

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3.     Universal Travel Charger

Universal Travel Charger

Another essential travel object! If you are an avid traveler instead of buying a different power adapter for each trip you could solve it with this universal charger. So you will not have to think about it every time and have access to more than 150 countries in the world.

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4.      Kindle

The Kindle no longer needs any introduction. By now Kindle is almost synonymous with Traveler. One of those who never ceases to be fascinated by the stories of other travelers. The typical devourer of books that then realizes his dreams discovering with his own eyes the places, the smells and the sensations of a story. And also during the trip he reads: by train, during the airports, everywhere.

Yes Yes i know. Also I think that the feeling that a Kindle can not replicate from the paper book. But we have to be honest, it weighs very little (which makes us gain space in baggage) and gives you access to millions of books. Despite continuing to buy in paper format the most beautiful books are very happy with my Kindle with which I have already traveled a lot.

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5.    Power bank RAVPower

Another essential gadget for our smartphones. This RAVPower portable battery charger is ideal for charging up to three devices at the same time.

Its new iSmart 2.0 technology adapts the output current to connected devices to minimize charging times. In short, just what you need when our smartphone decides to abandon us. With a simple stop in a bar you can also recharge our devices.

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Christmas gifts

They could not miss the gift ideas for the most beautiful party of the year. If you have a traveler friend and do not know what to give for Christmas, please do not do the usual Christmas package that everyone expects. There are proposals for all budgets: from the fantastic DNA Test to discover their origins to a cork globe for collecting trips. You have no excuse, choose here:

6.     Scratch the World – World map to scratch

One of the nicest things to give to a traveler for Christmas is certainly a map of the world. A way to remember the journeys already made and to dream about the next ones.

So why not give him a map where he can scratch the places he visited? Oh yes, as if it were a scratch card, on this map you can keep track of your footprints on the world having fun!

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7.     Vintage Passport Case

Another low cost gift but that will certainly appeal to a traveler. The passport is perhaps the most important thing for him / her, he will keep it as a relic. So giving him an original passport case will surely make him happy.

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8.      Cork Globe

If you can spend a little more this globe is what you are looking for. A beautiful object to give as a present to make a good impression on the desk. Let’s face it, the globes seem to be a legacy of the past but have a timeless charm. And on this cork globe you can point the places visited, perhaps with special photos.

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9.      Map of the World

Another nice idea for a Christmas gift to those who travel often. Indeed, three in one. I’m talking about other maps of the world, this time they are sticky: cork, blackboard or magnetic. The first and the second can be hung anywhere. The map on the blackboard is very cool for the ability to write on it. The magnetic map instead can be an original way to beautify the fridge at home!

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10.      Give a Journey – Black Friday Skyscanner offers

Now we begin to level up. This in my opinion is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be done for Christmas. Why not give a gift directly to your boyfriend, friend or relative?

I do not know, but I immediately thought of the possibility of giving a trip to a loved one you did not see for a long time to reach you wherever you are. It happened to me last Christmas, to go home, and it was the best gift ever.

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11.      DNA Test to discover their origins

This is a fairly original idea and I think very cool. A great gift to discover their origins beyond any cultural or ethnic border. Oh yes, because many around the world thanks to the DNA Test have made discoveries sometimes disconcerting.

The test works with a small set that arrives at home, take a sample of save with an oral swab and send it to the laboratory.

Thanks to My Heritage, not only will you discover your origins but you will also have access to an online network of people doing the same research. You can therefore really find your relatives near or far away. Cool, no?

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12.      Travel Moneybox

Traveling now does not cost much anymore. Until a few decades ago, the plane was seen as a luxury. Fortunately now, it does not take an astronomical budget to travel. But you must still save and set aside as much as possible. So here is another nice gift for travelers, a piggy bank in the form of a suitcase in which to store all the savings.

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Gifts for Adventure Travels

If you are looking for a gift for a traveller who loves adventure, who decathlon spend hours in the Trekking and Camping area, here are some ideas.

13.      LifeStraw Go Water Purifier

This is one of the most useful gifts for different types of travel. Mainly for those who go to countries where drinking water may be scarce, but also for trekking in the middle of nature. The LifeStraw Go water purifier is one of the best sellers in the world due to its quality.

This company is proud of its ability to filter up to 99.9% of bacteria. There is also the possibility to save money if you buy the kit with two LifeStraws for those traveling in pairs.

If you need one more reason, buying a LifeStraw water purifier helps a school in a developing country to receive drinking water. This company has already funded several projects to get drinking water to more than 1 million children in Africa.

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14.      Hammock

This is another Must-have! In my opinion, every adventure trip must include a hammock. Well of course, it depends on the destination, but with a hammock so easy to assemble you can relax anywhere. Its characteristics: the parachute nylon with which it is made make it safe and can hold up to 300 kg, its dimensions (275×140 cm) make it luxurious.

But above all its lightness, with only 520 g (including the iron carabiners and the ropes) does not weigh down the backpack!

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15.      Leatherman – 17 Tools in one

The perfect gift for the friend MacGiver that each of us has … This is one of those gifts that could make the eyes shine for those who disassemble, come back and assemble since he was a child. Here it comes to high levels, in fact this Leatherman is a great leap in quality. But if you want to make a good impression, this is for you!

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Gifts for Travelers Photographers

And here are some gift ideas for travelers who are passionate about photography. Nowadays everyone wants to bring with them a memory of their journey, even more than one. But if you want to improve your photos or if you want to make a nice gift to someone who is cultivating this passion, here are some gifts for you.

16.      Manfrotto Travel Tripod

For the best landscape photographs the first basic rule is to have a tripod. Sometimes it is not possible to take a professional tripod with us because it is too cumbersome. Here is a good solution to the problem. This Manfrotto Tripod is what you need to keep an excellent level of photography while traveling.

You can easily put it in your backpack and mount it on the SLR in a few seconds. With its small size you can practically leave it mounted and always have it available. Needless to talk about the quality of Manfrotto at a great discounted price!

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17.      Solar Battery Charger

This is a high level and very original gift! With this solar-powered battery charger you can take a trip to remote areas without worrying about charging. It is very easy to carry as it is resealable and very light.

It has three USB ports with iSmart technology to connect and recognize up to 3 connected devices and provide optimal power supply. Made of a durable and waterproof nylon fiber it is easy to attach to the backpack to recharge it during the day.

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18.      Router, Power bank and Hard Disk in one device

Another original gift for a traveler who needs internet connections, hard drives and power bank. Yes, the RAVPower is a device that embodies all these characteristics. When connected to a wired internet network, it turns it into a wireless network, allowing you to work remotely from the main router.

It allows the connection and sharing of files between different devices, memory cards or hard drives. This means that you can easily share SLR photos in seconds on Instagram or Facebook. What’s more, it can also function as a power bank!

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19.      Polaroid Instant Camera

Nowadays we shoot maybe hundreds of photos a day. But they are photos that most often last a day, unless they are shared on social media. And even in this case we can remind you a year later when Facebook reminds us of it. So why not stop for a moment to take fewer but more meaningful photos?

How it was done until a few years ago. We’ve all heard of the Polaroid, a camera that printed the photo instantly. Heritage of the past? Yes, but not only. Polaroid is back!

This is the new version of Polaroid. I love it for its modern design but above all because it brings with it the desire to take important photos and to share in paper. And maybe, why not? Keep them hanging on the fridge or on the wall of your home.

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20.      Professional K & F Concept photographic backpack

Lastly, a useful gift to all travelers photographers. A multifunctional backpack that allows you to better set up the photographic equipment with dividers suitable to accommodate camera, lenses, etc. and fasten a tripod on the side. A notebook can also be carried in the front pocket.

A great professional backpack for photographers with waterproof coating with a small gift (a camera cleaning kit) and a great price on the market.

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