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Backpacker Croatia: Why not?

By on 4 September 2017

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Croatia is a fascinating land, in the last few years is increasing its “popularity”. Surely also because it has been chosen as scenery for some of the “Game of Thrones” sets. Well, I think Americans have a good taste!

I want to tell you about another area of Croatia, that for sure has nothing to envy to the scenery of “King Landing” (that is the wonderful Split). If you don’t know where to go in Croatia choose a beautiful holiday in Istria!

Istria! Why not?


Well, I fell for it, again! It was July, we were on the beach, with Fabrizio, dreaming up about our first vacation from work. For the first time, we will be free for a period during the summer instead to work. A bit for fun, a bit for serious we started to look for our destination.

“Well, why not Croatia? Flixbus is really cheap leaving from Milan!”

I wasn’t expecting anything else to pronounce once again: “Why not?

So, having found a small apartment for us we decided our destination will be Pula!


How to arrive in Istria


First of all, to reach Istria it’s really easy from north Italy, finding myself in Milan in this period I had a look to Flixbus prices and a could save money compared to flights prices for most frequented Zagreb and Split. A return ticket for 70€, more 140€ at person for a week for the apartment, seemed to me a good deal!

Flixbus leave from Milan with direct buses to Pula or other with a change in Mestre (Venice) as the one we’ve taken. With “just” 9 hours you have the time to say goodbye to Italy, to read a book on your Kindle, to find info on the web about Croazia and sometimes to stretch your legs!

By Flight, you can catch a good price with Skyscanner and fly to Pula airport!

Pula: A beautiful surprise!

Actually, I had never heard of this city. When I thought about Istria I remembered the story of Gabriele D’Annunzio and his will to reconquest Rijeka behalf of Italy. Yet, already from the first night we arrived in Pula we were surprised by its beauty and vivacity. Because it’s a small touristic city that rises on a little bay and it’s the ideal base for who wants to discover Istria.

Kamenjak Park
It’s an ideal destination not just for low prices of hotels but also for good connections to main Istrian cities. But also Pula offers amazing places and beaches (just outside the city). Well, I have to say if you are a thin sand lover Croatia is not the place for you! Only Rocks! It’s really difficult to find a sand beach, but I assure you that the beauty of these places will make you change idea!

How to move in Croatia

As in any other country if you have the possibility to rent a car you will have the freedom to go wherever you want. To who, like me don’t have a credit card or prefer to catch a local bus, I suggest to go directly to the bus station of Pula and ask for information. Almost everyone talks fluently in English, just some surly bus driver but all the rest are hearty people.

From bus station of Pula leave buses to every Istrian destination and local buses to beaches. Places you can’t miss around Pula are Rovinj and Kamenjak park and both buses leave from here. Main transport companies are Autotrans and Brioni, that link Pula to major cities.

ATTENTION: small but big advice, don’t trust to your ticket but ask ALWAYS info about your bus! We were missing our bus twice just because we believed at the time was written on the ticket (as I’ll tell you soon).


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