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My Ireland Road Trip: Cliffs of Moher & Burren

By on 30 December 2018

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An itinerary of Ireland between the thrill of seeing the legendary Cliffs of Moher and the little known region of the Burren.

Every travel must be planned, despite the best part is always what happen by chance. You meet a fellow, talk with a girl, and everything change, just a short meeting and you will change your plans, because you want to see with your eyes what they said to you.

The trip to Ireland: pure adventure!

The second part of my journey was just like that. I was heading in the direction of the Cliffs of Moher, an unmissable stop, and instead, I ended up making two detours that deserved as much as the most famous Irish cliffs.

Dingle Peninsula: Meeting with the Atlantic Ocean

After the first, and finally the only one, night spent in the car looking for the right position in vain, the Dingle peninsula welcomed me when it was still dawn. The road runs along the ocean until Castlegregory, a small village still sleepy when I reach the west coast, the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Ireland itinerary

From here I continued climbing a valley full of colors although the spring had not yet begun. The road is one of the narrowest I’ve ever done, and not to miss anything is built on a steep slope.

Itinerary Ireland: Couchsurfing in Limerick

Another night spent in Limerick, housed in Couchsurfing by a Spanish boy. Being a guest can sometimes embarrass you, not with couchsurfing, not with Pablo. With an Italian at home, he immediately offers me his kitchen. A little pasta, a little sauce, just the cooking time and it’s ready.

He thanks as if I had made a restaurant dish, for me it was simple pasta with a little ‘sauce. What I was learning, however, was much more than cooking, it was almost an art, sometimes a need: it was the pleasure of hosting, of sharing, of welcoming people from all over the world.

Cliffs of Moher: The cliffs that can not miss in your itinerary in Ireland

So I go back to the mythical cliffs, the Cliffs of Moher. A must for travelers in Ireland. Along the road that comes from the south, that is from the city of Ennis, it seems to you that they never arrive.

Go through country roads that take you along the coast and pass several villages, all made up of white, clean, tidy houses. And all around lawns of an intense green as far as the eye can see, and you immediately understand why it is called the emerald island.

Travel to Ireland: The “Cliffs of Moher” experience

Then you come to the crest of a hill, also obviously very green, and you wonder if you’re coming to your destination. You can not see anything around you that looks like a cliff.

Yet you arrive at the park’s parking lot, leave the car, enter the visitor center dug into the hill to not impact the landscape. Then you exit like a cave and the wind immediately slaps you, which almost leaves you dazed.

And that’s when magic happens when you see the legendary Cliffs of Moher, majestic, in front of you. You finally realize how tall they are, how steep they are, how spectacular they are.

Cliffs of Moher and Landscape Architecture

In addition to their beauty I was struck by this desire to preserve the landscape. In the past, the visitor center was a building common to many others, a building.

They recently renovated everything with a project that wanted to recreate the original landscape. a landscape made of contrast between the green and the sea. That’s why they dug the whole museum into the mountain.

This care of the landscape I found it a few times and I was happily impressed because only thanks to this accuracy you can enjoy a breathtaking view of green meadows and typical villages.

Itinerary Ireland: Burren, landscapes from space

But more than the already famous Cliffs of Moher, I would like to tell about an area of Ireland discovered thanks to my friend Pablo. According to him, according to him, I could not go to the Cliffs without going through the Burren.

A plateau that extends a little to the east on the road to Galway. Here are the remains of one of the most famous Dolmen discovered in Ireland. I had never seen one live yet, so I could not change my itinerary and discover this other wonder of Ireland. Indeed, of course, the answer was the umpteenth: “Why not?”.

Ireland what to see

Burren National Park

I have to tell the truth, here I’ve lost my Ireland itinerary. Following the directions I had found on the internet, I ended up at one of the entrances to the Burren National Park.

But looking around I did not seem to correspond to the scenario described by the Spaniard. Luck, as always in my life, has come to help me. The blindfolded goddess sent me a fiercely Irish lady who was walking there, in the middle of the countryside, where maybe the GPS signal did not even arrive.

She was a native of the area, I do not remember her name, but she spoke softly and was happy to describe the fields in which she had grown up. Lands that she knew very well from an early age and always repeated how many times she had climbed the entire limestone mountain that stood before us (here in the picture). After promising to come to Sicily to see me, to try our kitchen and propose it to my grandchildren, I resume my path.

The Burren Dolmen

This was the most beautiful route I have traveled along my Irish itinerary, perhaps because I did not really know where I was going, or perhaps because I was simply immersed in the lush nature. Despite being a rocky plateau, vegetation emerged from every ravine, and colored everything in winter tones.

So, after so many turns, an abandoned castle, a road block for work in progress (in the middle of nowhere), here I see the infamous Dolmen in the distance. Once there, I look around, looking for an explanation for the location so special that tomb. An infinite rocky expanse, made of limestone dug by the millenary action of water and shrubs, the vegetation that makes its way between the various splits.

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